The Association of Hazara's in Victoria

The Associations of Hazara's in Victoria


Andisha Community Language School

Andisha Community Language School is a leading Dari language school in Victoria, open to all Afghans, regardless of their religion or ethnicity. The purpose of ACLS is primarily to teach Dari and Pashtu languages to school-age children in the Australian-Afghan community in Melbourne. We also run literacy classes in Dari language for Afghan women including our students’ parents.

ACLS is a school for pursuing knowledge, moral principles, and teamwork. We operate the school during four school terms with the help of volunteer teachers and staff.

Our vision is to become the leading School for the Dari/Pashtu Languages and Afghan Culture in Melbourne, providing outstanding educational and cultural programs in a caring environment, that enables students to excel by reaching their full potential and developing the finest bi-cultural identity.

ACLS is accredited by Victorian Department of Education and supported by Lyndhurst Secondary College. The school runs on every Saturday from 9:30 am till 1 pm during school terms.


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