The Association of Hazara's in Victoria

The Associations of Hazara's in Victoria

Established April 2002

Our main activities are as follows:

The association of Hazaras in Victoria is now a leading Afghan community organization which has been supporting the Afghan refugees and migrants in the state of Victoria. We are a non-for-profit volunteer-based community group run by a management committee who are elected biannually.

In terms of membership, our organization represents nearly 3,300 Afghans, both honorary and official members who have overwhelmingly chosen to settle in the City of Casey and the City of Greater Dandenong.

We are a proud member of the Victorian Afghan Associations Network (VAAN).

  • Running a community language school in Dari language
  • Driving education program for Afghan women
  • Organising information sessions and community education projects
  • Celebrating cultural events
  • Sport activities such as volleyball
  • Advocacy and referral


What are the Mission’s?


Our Vision Are ?