The Association of Hazara's in Victoria

The Associations of Hazara's in Victoria

Arman Monthly

First published in October 2002 Arman Monthly was the longest running Afghan printed media in Australia before ceasing publication in July 2019.  It was printed on the first Monday of each month with a readership base of several thousands. For nearly eighteen years it was a valuable source of news, information, and feature articles as well as a guide to find products and services for the Afghan Australian community.

The English section of the magazine first came out in May, 2012 (115 Edition). Edited by Tameem Moslih the English section of the magazine aimed to reaching out to the large number of Afghan youths who might not be very familiar with their native languages of Dari or Pashtu. Consequently, the content of the Section was largely shaped by the concerns and interests of this English-speaking audience, namely young Afghans residing in Australia.